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Hello, It's me, Boise Thomas. Thanks for coming by.  Sorry there isn't that much to look at. I am in the midst of a huge career milestone. While I have been in LA since 1997, broadcasting since Reagan was President and have done over 100 TV ads since Clinton was in office... I am happy to say my career as a producer and writer is gaining ground. 

If you want to see some fun things I have done on the web, you can just get Google-y or BING-y or Yahoo-y or whatever. 

I promise there will be more stuff to enjoy in 2014 but for now, I am taking a break from the digital world of websites, social media and all that jazz to focus on getting these creative projects off the ground.  You can bet there will be more sharing here soon.  You know me... and you know I will let you know when there is something to know about.  

All the best to you and yours in 2014!  Love and all things that make you feel good to be alive... Boise Thomas, Actor/Host/Other


my first music video

for 'one republic'

(And I picked up every last piece, thank you)